Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm using Dropbox

Guys, for those outhere who really concerned and care about their works, documents etc, new thing has came in into our information system (new for me actually). I always worried about my works and documents that I've been saved in laptop/thumbdrive but how far all my documents have been protected? I've experienced past few years where I've lost all saved documents and data (virus attacked). Can you imagined how crazy and meroyan I was when lost all of them? Phobia you ollssss. I even don't trust laptop or any other hard disk for me to keep all important documents and data.

But now, since Prof Dr Shahizan has introduced me Dropbox, boleh I bernafas lega sekarang. I can keep all documents inside without no doubt and easily open it everywhere and anytime. It's a kind of online database, sort of email, where user can keep and share their documents etc. So lagi selamat la kan.. However-frankly speaking, I don't know at all about this dropbox. I only know how to use. Maybe someone outhere may contribute some infos about dropbox. This is not a new system actually (I heard about this long time ago) but resist to use it sebab I kan buta IT.... =_="

The only this you just can download from dropbox website and follow the instructions (as simple like ABC).

my dropbox account

See how fas has I improved myself in information technology. Should give me big plause!

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