Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Collecting assets

I believe every newly wed will have their really deep future plan and including us too! We've started the beneficial loans and investments for future and now looking forward to have an asset. Kenapa perlu? Before this we've no idea about investing for future (our future). Ye lah! The only thing we knows are masuk gaji hujung bulan sold out dan seterusnya tunggu next month gaji pulak kan. But now on, enough!

Tak rugi kumpul assets a.k.a harta la kan. Bukan untuk both of us (directly) but we're jumping jumping next 30 years ahead (indirectly) ;p. Lucky VIP is really good in maths =_=". He's calculating every single things either it worth or not. Sekupang pun dia tak tinggal.

And lagi satu, I dah pandai pergi bank and tanya itu ini itu ini. Lebih kurang penasihat kewangan percuma la. kehkeh

Anda bila lagi?

Jom looking forward!

1 comment:

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