Friday, January 14, 2011

Can't Wait the Lil Room to Lay in

Guess what.

Instead of waiting for the kenduri - means the big bro's kenduri, insyaAllah in February ni, actually I can't wait to decorate new room of me! yeay! Owh btw, my lil house is still in under construction by adding some new rooms for future (contohnye untuk anak-anak cucu dato' husain dan datin shamsiah lah hehehe! Now, everyone are looking for their own room with good looking view including me!hehehe. But well, I don't mind lah yang mana satu pun. Janji I'm happy with the room. Starting gooling some of room decor tapi bukan lah decor macam program ASTANA ASTRO tu naaa ataupun Eric Leong. Cukuplah yang ala kadar but with little bit primadona touch teheeee. I want Red Pink theme! Yes that was my dream sejak dulu. So my future husband kena tahan lah dengan every decor dalam bilik tu. hehehe. Or else, tido luar! ;p

Ni my chosen color.

 cute isn't it - like pastel and pink. SOFT

Of course lah gonna be pink but little bit purple seem cute combine both colors atas nasihat the contractor berkenaan. Okey, I'm done with color selection. Now, I am waiting the room siap sepenuhnye. Yihiiiiiii.

Sistem pencahayaan yang agak bagus. With 3 windows and with great view (bumbung rumah orang teheee). But still can see the playground over our backyard. And btw, the room prevailing system cececewahh
agak nyaman! thumbsup! Ni just cat undercode baru then they will apply the chosen colors of me. Can't wait! So most probably I will place my bed in between both windows and 1 table lite on right.

Brader ni tengah berkerja keras. C'mon brader! hehehehe. Next week maybe akan siap. Yahooooooo! So kat level finishing la ni. So after this (kalau I tak malu lah) I letak pic my new room yang siap dihias ala-ala kereta berhias muahahaha.


  1. phiweetttt!!!!
    pasni sume serbu bilik miss...=)

  2. faa..xperlu la smpai cmtu skali..gojes lg sy!huahuaa...

    izzie..sila2 la..jgn lupa bwk kueh mueh mkn together gether...

  3. miss...sye bukan gbum..T.T....

  4. ehhhh gbum...hehehheee sorii..kompius kompius..dkt sama korg dua..hehehee