Monday, November 22, 2010

is doing the first assignment while looking at the Small Little Thing

Thank you

The Small Little Thing giving me lots of inspiration (adehhh). Frankly speaking, I can't take my eyes of you. OMG.

The first assignment for this semester. Googling any companies to be a subject for the assignment. MALAYSIA AIRLINES or LADA. Oh readers, come on, I need to submit on this coming Thursday but I still struggling to decide company mana nak kena buat ni? Most probably I go for MAS kot. Information semua cukup. -end-

The best part is..

The inspiration (adehh). The Small Little Thing that someone has left inside of my mail-box. Yellow envelope.

The inspiration (adehhh)?

 Btw, so touched and boleh jadi sentimental value. Next 50 years boleh lelong mesti ramai nak bid.. muahahaa.

Deary friend in Segamat,

Miss me yaa....


  1. lupa nak ckp, mintak mahap la for the gorjesness of my handwriting noh, harap2 xmuntah la lps baca tulisan tgn kanan aku tuh

  2. xpe beb..handwriting aku cantik skit je dr hg..wakakaaa

  3. saya suka blog miss..

    singgah la kt sini..

  4. arief: welcome..same goes to u..result on 10/12/2010 k..hehehee

    teha:thank u very2 much...of course sy singgah ;)