Friday, July 23, 2010

Dream Vacations

Seating in front of PC and browsing some places to be included in my upcoming tourism geography's topic really really really buat saya mula berangan-berangan. Owh cantik sannngaaaat (Mr MRR always teasing me using this word!). My dream vacations. Yes that's my dream. Honestly my dreamed vacations most of the time keep changing from one place to another place hehehe because influenced from Discovery Channel, Travel & Living, AFC, Globe Trekker and even Tourism Geography text book! Suka tukar-tukar kejap nak pergi situ, kejap-kejap nak pergi situ and last tak de pun nak pergi.. Duit tak adaaaaaa or maybe I can say hmmmm berangan aje la...

This is my top 10 my dream vacations (dream ok.......a.k.a mimpi........)

 1) Venice, Italy

2) Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Gyeongju, South Korea

3) Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, New Zealand

4) Monkey Mia, Perth, Adelaide, Australian outcast, Australia

5) Sipadan, Malaysia

6) Dubai, UAE

7) Istanbul, Turkey

8) Wales, London, etc UK

9) Grand Bay, Ile Aux Cerfs, Mauritius Island

10) Paris, France

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  1. To whom it may concerns..

    Pls choose the honeymoon destination from above list plsss.... =)