Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rasa banyak sgt la pulak....

I come back from few weeks away from Pinky Shine, running for so much things. Then I probably can say, stress up and down, mess up and down. Plus just a couple days will start classes. That's my hakiki job (its ok accepted). Below is need to do list and really kill me.

1. MQA documents (end of June)
2. MQA review (this Sunday)
3. Master Programme and I don't know how the classes gonna be (this Sunday)
4. New subject preparation (ASAP)
5. New working station (not yet decide-by this week)
6. etc

And above are the strong reasons why pimples most likely love tumbuh on my face! 


Last week for few days I rushed here and there, went there and here. My mama positive denggi fever (suspected got from Temerloh). She has been hospitalised for five days. Alhamdulillah She is recovered. but stil in weak condition.  Discharged already.

Then I need to attend OBE workshop in UiTM Shah Alam for two days (last wednesday and thursday). Tired!

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