Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you Miss Me? Sure la kan......

I'm off for almost a week to gather some materials for you readers. Heh guess what? What I found? It is NOTHING! I am running of brilliant ideas. And actually I didn't even think about blogging for this week. Not at all. Bad rite? 

At this moment I face some complicated situation that might force me to be like Jiwa Kacau. Favourite term to describe psychological abuse. Am I rite? Na, don't bother. Even. I don't have a direction for this post, I can rambling bla bla bla until several pages you see. And believe me, you will hate reading this entry. Haha. Do I care? (cess so annoying) haha Lawak je la.. Sebab tak ada idea beginilah jadinya.

Oh btw,
I will not around for few days attending kenduris at Pahang. So hopefully I have some gossips after return from kenduris. Of course will meet with all my cousins, anak-anak sedara and friends (haha I don't have any friends there. But ada tapi buat apa nak roger sebab balik kenduri je.)

Just to hilangkan rindu anda semua pada kisah-kisah saya. hihihikkk

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