Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ring - E Day

Congratulation to my dearest friend Awanis for her E-Day. You extremely gorjes that day. I pray for your happiness and long lasting until you both getting married until end of life.

On last Saturday I had an opportunity to attend my dearest friend engagement day. Awanis & Hafiz. So excited you know. And now I am wondering when my turn will be? haha. Berangan dah...
However, we came a bit late after end of majlis and I didn't watch Awanis E-Day as overall. But I still can feel the enjoyment and happiness. Sorry Awanis aku lambat sikit. hehe. InsyaAllah you kahwin nanti I datang awal punya la. haha

Here some pics to share.

Gorjes !

Tiga yang bakal menyusul bermula dari kiri . . ngeeee~

Congrats congrats buddy!

Hello sape yang bertunang ni??

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