Monday, April 19, 2010

Job Stress - End of Semester

It is 1.20 am in the morning and I still awake. Why? I am prpearing for carry marks for my subject. Damn to many and I need to check one by one of the marks so as there will no mistakes. Plus students keep pushing their lecturers like "Miss carry marks mana miss?". I know they are too excited to know their carry marks. Ok fine I won't get angry. I try my best for it.  For you.. huhu

This is the disaster part I think every end of semesters. Everything need to be settle down before the dateline. But it's ok because I know this is part of my responsibilities. Still smiling ni.. Wait! Job stress? No time to watch TV. No time to waste time. No time to enjoy. No time lol! But wait.. still got time to update blog ke? haha. Just see how long the gap I update the blog from last post till this post hah? not good not good..

To proved you that I in job stress and actually to proved to my boss that I am not duduk duduk borak borak kosong and take a leave just for fun ni.

Ni dia...
Siap bawak balik rumah lagi ni..

Please please vote me for best employee next year! please please.. hahaha


  1. i vote for worries..huhuhuhuhu

  2. aku pun vote utk u gak ni...AFUNDI LINIE ! ! ada brannnn.. haha

  3. patutla xup blog..rerajin keje ok.
    xde post jln2 dh?kalo x, ade je post jln2.