Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Persona Trip to Japan Land + Singing 2 - Part II


Ntah apa apa ntah gelak dulu. ngeee~

Readers, do you still remember about the topic that was posted around two - three months ago..? Persona Trip to Japan Land + Singing2 - Part I? And I promised to story about singing part isn't it. hehe. Well here I post a story about one of my favourite activity. Karaoke! haha. It been a long long time ago I supposed to post this blog. haha.

Our favourite place to karaoke is situated in front of Star City Hotel, Alor Setar. It is a karaoke room. But sorry, I forgot the name of that place (kata favourite haha). I will try to get the name later on ok. The room is very very big you know. It can accomodate until 10 people inside! And th price quite cheap.Ok la reasonable.. hehe

Here some pics of our karaoke buang duit session . . .

Nesma Shahu tengah buat sound check

The girls

haha semangat!

afundi mas
ok la tu!

afundi lydia
breep breep!

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