Sunday, March 21, 2010

Searching for new background for Pinky Shine

Today I feel so bored and sleepy. Then I signed in into my Pinky Shine and I found out that "omg my blog so dull la". Then Linie Azlenee saja je buat I sakit hati by showing her new background for her blog. Debushhh so gorjes! It's really killed me to search new background haha. I google some of the cute girlih and of course pink and insert into my cart so easy for me to do the selection. But I really don't know which one is the better one. Here my shortlisted background.

fairy dust

bravo brown

thin roof wider

pieces of heavent

Below backgrounds really cute you know. Cute sangat sangat!

easter greeting

easter la femme

grungedup easter

hounds tooth easter


sugar spring

I still keep searching the match one with Pinky Shine and hope my blog will look mor gorjes!

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