Friday, March 26, 2010

Poisoning Dinner & Sunburn Birthday ! !

Dinner at Holiday Villa Alor Setar and of course we had our best night. Makan free maa.. And actually it is Dinner Hari Kualiti KPTM Alor Setar. Plus celebrated our Dean List Students. Congratulation all. Keep it up.

The foods? Really delicious exravaganza bombastic. We eat as we can. We push as we can.  May I repeat? Makan free maa.. But then tomorrow morning most of us "sakit perut" and the most victims are Mastura and Linie Azlenee.. We don't know la actually whos mistake. As for as, I think the foods that we ate during dinner. The nasi I smell a bit masam and stinky. hmmmm.. Hope Holiday Villa please takes note!

And of course our best part is taking pics!
Oppsss sorry I just took these pics from Shaakiroh's facebook since I malas to upload from my Sony Cybeshot so Omnia pun jadi la...

Left Nesma Shahu & Shaakiroh

Bila boleh makan ni?

Birthday again!

Surprise Party for Ms Lydia Happy 24th Buffday..! We did it at Medan Selera PKNK opposite with GIANT. Good party planner to Ms Shaakiroh! Clap clap clap.

Like usual so much of plans came out. hehe. We enjoyed!

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