Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Down to Nature - I found my Destiny

Last weekend I followed a trip to Pulau Lagenda a.k.a Langkawi. So rite time at the rite place. Mission to clear out my mind. So I really hope I can leave all nonsense stuffs there. Bye bye!

Damn so having great time in there and thus I feel fresh.

I don't want to write a lot since I feel my body quite weak. I having caugh plus my head a bit warm. I think maybe I have potential to fall sick. Hope not!

Let the pics make a story

depart to Langkawi

Had my breakfast with LEXUS Peanut Choc

Arrived at Langkawai Jetty and did some shopping. Yeah!

Thats our bus.. Chantek kan?

Kilim Geopark Forest. Searching for location

Nak naik bot

Apa ntah dorang kat belakang ni nak mengikut. haha. Ni kat Gua Kelawar

Kanak kanak riang tengok ikan sumpit

In front of my eyes. Selalu tengok kat dalam gambar..

Cable car

View from the top. Fantastic ! !

The shoe make for walking..

This is only for day 1.. Day 2?

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