Friday, March 5, 2010

My New Love - Finally I found You..

Maybe a week doesn't enough to recovered. But then I found out that, there's nothing I can do. I can't do anything. Please go away.. I really hope this will go away.. I know, I may take more than 3 months to get back my inner shine. My soul has dissappeared. Huh it is really hurt. Hurt!

I don't know why this can happened to me? I afraid to walk. I afraid to run. I afraid to smile. I fell. I fell! Drowning! 

Sorry I'm emo a bit.

Stop thinking! Stop thinking! Now what should I do just move forward advance future beyond kedepan! Yeah that's the spirit! (should I lie to my heart?)

It's ok then..

I found my new love already.. I know we will be together sayang..

Readers.. Do you like my new love?

My Love wink wink wink ~

My Passion wink wink wink ~

I don't know when I will wear my new love ni. In my collection, still got two still not yet been use..

My Love lagi wink wink wink ~

My Pengubat Hati wink wink wink ~

Can you read this?? (Gila mcm bongkak). Don't get me wrong.. This is how I want to give treatment to myself..
Believe it or not.. I was spend almost RM300/= just in 30 minutes alone!
Jiwa Kacau~

My Spirit wink wink wink ~

So soorry readers for the gloomy pics. Actually it's show my gloomy heart. I'm sooo sad so that's why I chosed them (above pics) as my New Love...

Since my face became wrinkle something wrong because so much things to think, here the solution.. Feel sooooo calm cool inner shine~

This one I confused actually. I don't know why I buy this case. Because of cute or what....? No reason.. I just grab!
Jiwa Kacau

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