Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jom Having Fun ! !

Stop stop stop ! !

Lets see some of my happiness moments instead of seing my problematic moments. haha. Last two weeks I followed a trip to Melaka. Again jadi pengiring but I love to do that because of free of charge maa.. No need to spend money lol. My next trip to Langkawi. Yahoo and actually I will standby one extra bag in case I terlebih beli barang. haha. Ok trip to Langkawi I will update later. So now just focus on my trip to Melaka sahaja. See see my pics with my lovely dovely friends..

At Dataran Pahlawan where you can get a lot of stuffs that you cannot missed it. But seriously I didn't shopping anything here. I just walked and walked and walked. I just bought a set of McD Chicken! haha 

We had a breakfast at Kedai Nasi Lemak 35 tahun in Homestay Kampung Alai. I don't know whether this nasi lemak dah peram 35 tahun ke apa.. But they called as Nasi Lemak 35 tahun. We stayed in Homestay Kampung Alai and honestly we quite surprised with the "languages" that have been used by some of the villagers. First time we met them, debushhhh we got something, "Kenape korang BODOH sangat pegi beli cencaluk kat sane? Aku tak suruh korang beli pun!" erk.........

Dalam encik Det punya bus. Tidur saja cukup...

Thanks to my photographer Dyja a.k.a Lydia. She really got talents in freelance (this one aku ckp from my heart hehe).


Our new best friend


  1. ah pic ang dicelah2 pokok tu aku yg captured laaa

  2. aisehman...OMG aku terforget la...Ohh so sori my dearest photographer.hehehe..
    aku tukaq la..aku tukaq la..huhu