Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to Laugh ! !

This is one of my favorite activities after office. We lepak lepak and eat something before go home. And of course do some gossiping haha. But actually really help me a lot to forget what I should forget and teach me how to laugh! Hey you all, I love you all so much la! haha

Euwww apa pegang pegang tangan ni. I straight ok.. haha We don't know what happened at this time. Suka pegang pegang tangan. But really nice pic ok.


I tried to be a good photographer by taking my pic thru mini mirror. it's a kind of relection la but I failed to hide my cybershot. I tried hard to hide it but then still appear thru mirror (really I wanna hide ke?) Plus I want to focused on Georgetown White Coffee. But for Mastura and Shaakiroh ( I didn't means to snap your pic ok, excuse me.. haha) Ok la as I still amature..


Buta mata kau haha... After this incident she got blind eyes ala ala Kassim Selamat.. Mastura kau dah selamat. haha


This lobang hidung dah sebulan tak korek so I suggested to Shaakiroh to korek using this fork. But it's looked like she like it to..


This Keteow Kerang is really ho liao ! ! Tak puas makan sepinggan but I really segan nak mintak kat Lydia nak tompang makan. haha

I forgot when actually we went there. I think around a month ago?

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