Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunway Carnival - Buang Kuman Dalam Purse!

On last Saturday we went to Sunway Carnival Penang. After 3 4 days got stressed with MQA visits~ oohh headache! What happen with tuutttt and the tuutttt whatsoever tuuuttttt really tuuuttttt... hahaha (excuse me dont dont misunderstood ok). Sooo the best therapy is........ *buang kuman dlm purse* hahaha (a new pepatah from Puan Rusnizah a.k.a Kak Jij). What is buang kuman dalam purse? You will find out after this....

Had our best lunch at Junction Kopitiam (halal)..

1 set Chicken Chop Black Pepper (recommended)
1 set Chicken Chop, Egg Rice
1 set Chinese Fried Rice with Soup (recommended)
1 set breads with peanut butter (recommended)

Ice Tea
White Coffee (recommended)

buang kuman dalam purse:
3 pairs of VOIR shoes
1 pair of VINCCI shoe
2-4 dresses and t-shirts from F.O.S

Time to go home with satisfied mood* wink wink wink.. We've got what we want! We wasted what we should! We successfully buang kuman dalam purse. I felt soooo ringan my purse after all the kumans sudah lari~ 

Again muka puas hati fuhhhhh... We just got 2 hours for shopping and we did it! haha..

Actually my intention just to buy VINCCI (same pattern but more cute I think, however my size out of stock so felt sooo frusted).. so I switch off my intention then while waiting for my frens trying2 shoes, suddenly my eyes stuck at this pair of shoe and I request my size (size 5), and ok fits, I take and buy!



  1. yeah that rite nesma..
    buang kuman..
    minggu ni buang kuman lagi..
    i loike!!

  2. linie azlenee..yeah really did it!
    last week sunway carnival then dis week queensbay~OMG!