Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Many Things ! !

So many things I want to tell now rite now..! Badly gile kuasa for writing. Especially when I went for Training of Trainers TOT on last Tuesday in Kg. Gajah (its that cute hoh this name). Many! Many More! Which one I want to story first? hehe. Ya lots you know. Because I think I having a great time there instead of having disaster time. We did enjoyed loh.. At first seriously I was like half of breath to go with the long journey (not that long la actually Alor Star - Kg Gajah a.k.a Pasit Salak) and sacrificed my time with family (you know budak Ben 10 tu ada kat rumah kan) and so on. But then I fall in love with the training. hahaha (mcm hipokrit je).

Since I have lots to story la.. Now I am in sorting process of (ala-ala editing la kalau in drama/film making). So wait and see aa...

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