Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want that !!

I had a dream...
a fantasy..
To help me through...

Dream and dream. What are my dreams all about? hehe.. Still remember my previous post where I'm eager to have one digital camera and finally I got one? But know I think I angau to have DSLR Camera. haha! It started when I first hold DSLR Camera last year which I borrowed from someone (hold only not take pic!). At that time I just think that.."ooohhh too expensive for me to buy. Just have digital camera, it's enough.." However...... It was several months ago...

But today......

I changed my mind which I think I should have one. haha.. See above picture I posing2 with DSLR pinjam.. Big thanks to Haikal ye yang bagi pinjam. Even he told me that the way I hold the camera was wrong! haha. Biasa laa...nama pun amatur kan. Kawan-kawan pun tak kan nak berkira. hehe. Ok, After that, I ubah position tangan. Ala2 pro la sikit kan.. Ubah punya ubah last2 boleh la dr tak boleh langsung...

This one ada gaya sikit.. keep it up baby! Whos know one day I can get one. haha. But Haikal said he needs to save money almost two years in order to get this DSLR. (but I think it was yearssss ago. But know DSLR dah mula turun harga kan..?) Oohh damn I need to cut my clothes, shoes make up expenses la.. not good not good..

Yang ini ada gaya sikit kot selepas beberapa kali kena tegur salah pegang.. haha. Saya budak baru belajar la.. I am really addicted to use DSLR. It a kind of satisfaction la..

Persoalannye... Patutkah aku mempunyai satu DSLR?

What say you???


  1. babe~
    lets get 1 dslr...
    i owez dream of getting one for myself...

  2. ala..wo meiyou qian la..xdak ongkos.hahaha

  3. wehhhhhhhhhhhh!!! wo ye yaooo!!!
    qeshi wo meiyou qian!!!!


  4. women meiyou qian.. bu keyi mai kamela lo..
    qu shuijiao ZZzzZz..

  5. jom menabung!!!

    (amatlah bukan aku jika begitu)