Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Time in Kampung Gajah ! !

I stole pics from facebook! haha. Thanks Muna & Zura! Damn So malas to upload pics because will take long time. Reason? big size of pics. Even I cant wait too long now I am sleepy already. Here some pics of my vacation oohhh no no not vacation my training actually. I share you the having fun part first. So happy went there. Like I can go there again.. haha. See you TOT in Perlis ok! But if I've chosen to go la...

First lets share the happiness from us in Kg. Gajah's area a.k.a Pusat Latihan UiTM Perak. Nice view and really nice place la pendek kata. At first before we reach Pusat Latihan we like seriously sooo kebingungan because need to pass by mines, forests, villages and no kedai runcit at all! With hungry and starving then we finally reached there and gosh.. this place really killed me! Far far away from small town! But then I discovered that this place so cantikkkkkkk sangat! Ala ala Golf Resort!

So freshhhhhh ! ! From left Mastura, Me nesma shahu, Husna, Ani, Zawahir and Muna. (our tukang amik gambar cik Zura)

So we did some photoshot and plus pantang I see camera. So pose here pose there. haha. So big this padang you know and we cant spend just few minutes to go round this padang. So only stayed at one place. Jadi la and the result still the best! Guesssss what?? Enough just use Digital Camera! No no no DSLR..

Actually these pics were taken on our last day. So like anak kambing keluar kandang so everyone lari berselerak taking2 pics segala. haha.

nesma shahu in red blous because still Gong Xi Fa Cai Mood wink wink!

In hall before end of session. Terima watikah ke? Mana ada pun..

Just few pics ok.. Still have lots lots more from my SONY Cybershot but I really MALAS to upload and just stole from Muna and Zura! haha.

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