Thursday, February 11, 2010

Non-Stop - Am I really2 WORKAHOLIC?

A month without break. Looked at my schedule starting next week until end of March, I think like I am damn workaholic. Even weekend I need to work also! Robot pun tau rehat loh.. But nevermind, I hope it is only for this semester. Just see my pack schedule (Maybe 'someone important' who view my schedule may rewards me instead!) hahaha..

16 Feb - 19 Feb attend TOT in Perak
25 Feb - 25 Feb trip to Melaka
05 Mar attend ABACUS training in UiTM Penang
12 Mar - 13 Mar trip to Perlis and Penang
19 Mar got lab lecture in UiTM Penang
26 Mar - 27 Mar trip to Langkawi Island

As a conclusion..

I will be in Perak, Melaka, Penang 3 times, Perlis and Langkawi in a month!
p/s : Miss Linie Azlenee kita serupa.....

What say you....?


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