Thursday, January 21, 2010

Persona Trip to Japan Land + Singing2 - Part I

Ooohhh pagi pagi lagi dah sebok je dorang ni. Dok message org tgh syok tido!  Hellloooo weekend ok. hahaha kidding! Who else? Our Ms Lydia and Ms Shaakiroh la.. Text message.."Apa plan arini? Jln jom....?" At first I actually read that message already but I tido balik.. Then another text message from other person said "Woit bangun jom jalan....!" Alaaaaa... Then I replied the message and I said ok laaa I join.. The best part was Ms Persona fetched me.. Thanks Ms Mastura.. hehe.. Where's our destination? Jom2...

First we went to had our lunch at one famous Kedai Makan (I forgot what its name) along Jalan Bendahara. It is opposite with Convent Secondary School. If you are from Pendang or Simpang Kuala, it is on your right side but if you are from town or Jalan Sultanah Bahiyah it is on your left side. The foods were so delicious and yummi... This is kampung style cuisine. The price was soooo cheap! I took sambal ikan bilis with kacang, tom yam, big size ikan masak sambal, telur masin, hati ayam sikit je and ice tea (hehe actually I was tooo hungry and starving). You guess how much they charge me? Guess guess guesssssssssssssssss....

Total is RM3.80!! gulppppp.. (Makcik, are you sure?) Then I asked makcik.. "Makcik, ini ayaq dah kira ke?". Then she answered.. "Haa dah kira masuk sekali..".  Then I looked at Mastura plate and saw she took around 2 to 3 big size of prawn and of course other cuisines. Suprisely the price was below than RM5.00! (If I not mistaken la) *Wink2* moga moga murah rezeki kedai ni.. Now I know la, no wonder la a lot of people talk about this place. Delicious and Cheap. Orait.. Continue our journey.. Where our next destination Persona...? Jom2..

Here, I thought there is nothing in Changloooonnnnn Kedah instead of Hosba Resort + near with UUM Sintok. But actually ada sebuah taman yang boleh tahan best dan boleh jalan jalan gak (thumbups!). I called  this taman as Japan Land because the concept of this taman jussstt like Japan Garden (those who learned Culture Study laaa). Ok enough! Jom saya bawa jalan jalan pusing taman ni...

Jom sayang jalan jalan.. Yang dua orang ni sebok je..

Ikan apa ntah..

seronok tgk ikan ikan ni berebut rebut dtg kat kitorg haha

believe it or also got underwaterworld

from left; mastura, awanis, lydia, nesma shahu & shaakiroh

Actually inside of this garden it has mini zoo, mini museum, artifacts, beautiful landscape, mini botanical garden and lots more! You will not regret once you've visit this place and the entrance fee also quite reasonable. RM10 per pax for adult. The place quite huge but the whether a bit hot. However, you able t see a lot of things inside there!

After that we went to eat cendol (sorry I forgot where is it). OMG! How rude they are. I mean the waiter. With the selekeh appearance and **** attitude! The worst part was they talk bad about us! Grrrrr. Then we go straight away complained to their boss about their **** attitude. Please Mrs Owner take action! Seriously, I will never ever go there again.. Adios!

Huh, calm down.. To cool off our this hot hot feeling, then we went for Karaoke! hahaha. Kira masa ni lps geram.. jerit habis2.. rock balada evergreen jiwang dangdut semua sental..

Ok thats all I think..

I will update later bout this garden by attachs more more pics because I didn't have time to upload all pics. I still have pic of pets, nice shot of view, friends and many many more.. And of course a story about our havoc karaoke activity.. And let me consider weather to publish our karaoke video or not.. (confirm kena drop kalau publish haha..) Wait for my sequel Part II aa..hahaha..

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