Friday, January 8, 2010

Broken - Zaman dah berubah Dunia dah canggih...

Because of my headache just 'a round the corner' and I can feel the pressure is coming (this is all ABACUS  fault!). Actually I just came back from Abacus training with handsome cikgu (cannot tell his name hehe) and I found that this semester will be a bit tough! The new Abacus system is definitely different from what was I learned before in UiTM around 2004 (it was 5 years ago). How am I going to teach my student?! So I teringat satu iklan ni.. "zaman dah berubah dunia dah canggih.." Now I really agreed with that iklan.. So see la how.. huhu..

BUT.. to chase away my headache, I've listened to my favorite song ever Broken by Seether and Amy Lee (actually this song is quite lapuk. Almost 4 years). So what? I love this song so much because of the lyrics. Here, I want to share with you all this lovely dovely song.

I am fly fly away when listen to this song. Sgt menyentuh hati..

And I believed you also have favorite song ever even that song dah expired orang tak dengar. Who cares? You suka, you dengar la. I can listen to this song again and again without getting bored.

Apa you all punye favorite song?

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  1. apa yang teruk sangat nesma?
    u can do it!!!
    chayou!! chayou!!!