Friday, January 8, 2010

While you eat you can Donate you Blood

OMG! This is my first entry in year 2010. Am I too busy? err I don't think so.. Pura-pura busy lg adala.. Oh btw, my class just started so busy time has coming.. slowly slowly catch me.. ngaaap! oh no.. dizziness come again! *a bit pagal hehehe*. 

Actually I have one new thing to tell. My first time ever eat at Adi Burger Taman Serindik near at Giant Alor Star. You can get variety of burgers. From extravaganza special until togel burger. And first time ever I heard about Oblong..? I still don't know what was that.. Went out with whom? Who else.. of course la with all my gorjesses girls interrupted! huhu.. There, I had my Burger Ayam Special+cheese+extra mayonise.. yummiii... knife & fork lickin good.. You are welcomed to see my burger *wink2*..

My unique way of eating burger.. Definitely I will leave roti aside and just eat the meat and all veges! hehehe. Hated roti part because it can make me so kenyang cepat and tak sedap pun. But my friends.. of course la clean and clear their plate. See below pic..

                               1- Nesma Shahu (see I left the roti)
                               2- Lydiawani
                               3- Yusrina
                               4- Mastura
                               5- Awanis
                               6- Shaakiroh
                               7- Linie

The best part at this burger stall is while you eat you can donate your blood. Do you know who needs our blood most? Not Dracula.. Not even Pacat.. but to Nyamuk! Seriously habis bintat bintat our arms and legs. In future, you need to bring along the Ridsect or Ubat Nyamuk once you eat here. I felt like eating on the nyamuk nest. Everywhere got nyamuk. But I think that nyamuk love me a lot because I'm the one yg tak mandi haha. However, this is not the hassel for us to chit chat. And of course we will gosspping a bit while eating (normal activities). What was our gossip that night? hehe.

Funniest incident:
See my dull face gara-gara "ok, 7.30 pm need to reached in front of Giant" said Ms Gorjes*. hehehe. So because of damnly late (b'coz I watched Cinta Balqis-TV3) until 7.30 pm, so I just wiped my make up and tak mandi pun nak pergi sana. hahaha

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