Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Am I Shoppaholic? - Boros or Tak Boros?

Puas fikir either i ni kaki shopping or tidak. Secara fizikalnye mmg i LOVE SHOPPING but it doesn't means yg i ni kaki shopping. My mama said i ni gila shopping but in other hand she said i ni tak de la boros (compared to my kakak hehehe) pening kan? and some of my friends also said i ni kaki shopping but then i never merungut about duit dah abis especially tgh bulan or hujung bln.. why? why? why?
I did an observation towards myself. i found that i am shopaholic. yes it is true!!BUT in different way (lohh..ntah i pun tak paham huhuhu)

here i list down some possibilities that you can decide whether i ni kaki shopping tahap boros or tak:

first possibilities:
1. i bought any items that nice and beautiful eventho they are from pasar malam.
2. i seldomly enter branded outlets because i'm scared the way the salesgirl/man looking at me (maybe they think i've NO MONEY LOL..excuses meee)
3. seriously, i tak tau sgt nama branded items yg kdg2 org dok sebut2 bcoz i mcm tak penah dgr (jakun!)
4. i never looked on what brand of that barang yg i nak beli.. (so what kalau i dah suka)
5. in my whole life (till now only laa) i just bought my own handphone once. the rest papa gave to me eventho my handphone tinggal nyawa2 ikan, i tak kan beli (i know you will say i am kedekut!)

second possibilities:
1. i oftenly shopping tak kira masa tempat and ketika tambah2 kalau ada kengkawan
2. kalau i jalan2 then ternampak somethings yg i suka (eventho tak de duit), i akan terus ke atm and do some withdrawal kaching kaching..
3. i akan mimpi2 kalau barang yg i suka tu tak dibeli. esoknye i akan terus beli.
4. i love shopping time tgh or hujung bln bcoz i tak payah nak susah2 cari parking (confirm i will get one)

so what say you????

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