Monday, February 6, 2012

Thinking of.... owhhh malam ni tinggal sorang-sorang


First time actually malam ni living alone since VIP go for oncall. Yup some of you might think that oncall is somekind of - standby untuk hospital call bila-bila masa kalau ada emergency kan dan orang tu boleh duduk rumah together-together dengan famili kan? well, actually VIP's oncall adalah he need to be there (hospital) for the whole nite looking for the patients. So meaning that, he will not home tonite! So he will be back to hospital at 8pm then only will come back on 8am tomorrow in the morning. And I think, tolak pi tolak mai will be safely arrive around 8.30am and that time also I already off to workplace! sad sad sad.

The sadnest is this nite also, I will be alone in this hugeeeee house (ehh tak lah besar mana tapi dah tinggal sorang so jadilah besar). FYI, this is the second time I left alone and of course because he went to work (oncall) but last day I went back to rumah my mother lah. Still tak berani nak tinggal sorang-sorang eventho our resident area to ada 'provos' - commonly called as pak guard. So during day and nite will be rondaan dengan kereta yang ada lampu bagai tu...

But tonite, saya saja gatal-gatal nak tinggal sorang-sorang sebab saya rasa sampai bila saya nak on off on off bila VIP oncall. I need to used with it kan? Tough la sikit. Belum lagi VIP off to mission in Sahara ke, Mindanao ke, Somalia ke or what-so-ever lah. Of course I will left alone for fewwww months, with minimum duration 9 months! ok, this is insane sebab if I am in a pregnancy condition lah kan, when he come back to tanahair, saya dah selamat men-delivery-kan seorang zuriat! feuhhhhhh

boleh tersenyum rianglah kan??

Cukup setakat tu untuk menempuh satu malam sorang-sorang.. ngengengeeee...

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