Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Streamyx.. here you are

Finally after a month waiting to install any internet connection into my new house.. here I present you the super saver internet connection (super saver doesn't mean the cheaper one, but it has save my day life ;p). At first, I was looking for broadband as I think more convenience and practical since I have to go somewhere and everwhere for work purposes but then I think there is no more unlimited broadband that I could use. I have to pack some works to do at home and emal-ing to boss, students, assignment, online chatting (master purpose), that, this, here and there. Hey, we live in zaman alaf baru okeys! Only me yang agak buta IT. ahaks.

After long discussion and consideration with VIP, calculating our monthly expenses then we decided to use streamyx plus portable phone. So from now on, I can hanging with family and anak buah aku yang sorang tu. Boleh borak lama-lama like I did before with minimum duration we both can talk is 65 minutes! Since there is a promotion from TM, I got zero installation and no fee charge ;p.

So guys, if you see I online day and night so jangan buat terkezut pulak! And always updating blog with lots and lots stories of my little wonderfull life! It is because here you are!

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