Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Selamat Hari Ibu - Beloved Mama Shamsiah Isa

Celebrated Mother Day on Last Sunday. Along, Angah, Acik and Adik Love you so much ! !

Just have:

A cake
A flower
Beloved Papa

From left : Along, Adik, MAMA and Acik a.k.a Nesma Shahu

Cake from KING's the healthy icing since this cake is for my mama so we need to find Good For Health Cake tarrraaaa...
I didn't have any pics that nite celebration because my mama said..
"jangan amik gambar mama la.. pakai kain batik je ni.."
My mama buat kelakar lak. You mama in matter what you are still gorjes for us ! !

A flower shows the only mama we have in this world hehehe

Swiss Black Forest and Strawberry because she me loves strawberry. ahaks

Ok end or I will probably cry dah ni... Touched touched


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