Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make "OVER" yang Poyo

I wanna give a try my new eyeliner that I bought on last Thursday with RM 10! Cheapest and berbaloi-baloi.. AVON. Just give a try new eyeliner instead of listening to others' users that AVON eyeliner cantik then just make over myself la. Cantik ke tak cantik ke.. Orang kalau dah cantik pakai apa pun cantik harharharharrr...

Owh Chantek! Ok enough! Stop perasan'ing.. Ok I think from now onward I will wear eyeliner whenever I want to go for outing with family, friends, boi-fren, walk alone-alone and whatever. (I am not good in make up'ing - reason: I am natural beauty kahkahkah!) So why not I touch up a bit my look to be much better! ngeeee~ thumbs up including toe!


  1. hahahaha..good gorjes...