Monday, March 8, 2010

See inside my Wardrobe..

12.15 am already and I still keep wondering what baju I need to iron. Getting confuse. This is my daily routine (sometimes 3 times a week or maybe twice a week). I always think I have no clothes to wear. I have no new clothes to wear. I don't know what to wear. I look straight inside of my wardrobe and I slipping one by one of my clothes. OMG I don't know which one should I grab. Help me! ! 

Here is the wardrobe yang tak seberapa ni. The design is 2 japanese doors and 2 drawers. Actually in this wardrobe I just use for keeping baju kurung only and some of folding shirts. The other wardrobe which is in other room I keep most of the baju jalan-jalan. The problem is, everytime I look inside both wardrobes, I think I have no baju to wear. I think I already wore all the baju yesterday. Damn so complicated isn't it?

For your information, I will always make sure the arrangement of all clothes should follow the color scheme. It is easy for me to choose the clothes. But now I don't think it helps me. Whenever I opened my wardrobe, again I think I have no baju.

For the right door, I arranged according to red, pink, brown, choc, orange, gold and green clothes.

For the left door, I arranged according to white, grey, dark purple, light purple and blue. As you can see this side quite dull rite? But I love to wear them.

If you noticed, I don't have any yellow color because yellow not really suit with me. I will look pale and some look of 'burn' (gelap la).

After I counted total of baju kurung, I have 36 of baju kurung including yang tak basuh lagi. And until now (12.57 am) I still standing in front of wardrobe and still keep thinking...

Just look and see tomorrow..

And I think I need to get numbers of new baju kurung more...GooD GooD GooD..

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