Monday, February 22, 2010

Kawan Kawan Baru ku yang Intelectual haha

This my group. Peace they are all supportive serious! Guess what.... Timbalan Pengarah KPTM Bangi also in my group.. and even more than 9 years be as a lecturer also in my group.. and oversea graduated also in my group.. SO WHAT ELSE CAN I DECRIBE BOUT THEM?

And me? Just 6-7 months in this line.. I felt so KECIK SANGAT! And thank you to Kak Wan From IPB. She inspired me a lot! "She said to me.. "you can go far.. this is your path..".


Of course menjadi kebiasaan bila pulang dari sesuatu training..bukannya bawa balik buah tangan. Tapi bawak balik kawan kawan baru. Ok la tu.. Orang cakap kawan biar beribu berjuta billion semua. Tp actually I am not a person who can easily make friend. It doesnt means I am sombong or whatsoever but I think I am a person who donno how to start first. I donno how to approach people la.. That one of my negative part. And also I think I am not really talkative. Rather shut my mouth and listen. OOHH DEAR..


I dont want to just sticked with my point of view because to judge ourself, "we cant judge ourself.." Because we always look differently. For example if we look ourself thru mirror.. We see nothing! We just our face! Can you see someone else? Apa ntah aku merapu pun tak tau la.. haha

what say you...?

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