Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tangga Batu Caves versi Puncak Alam

The structure not really similar with Tangga Batu Caves at Gombak but the height is almost same (b'coz I don't know how height the Tangga Batu Caves is). I called this tangga as Tangga Puncak Alam b'coz it is situated at UiTM Puncak Alam.. I think none of university in Malaysia has this kind of tangga. So credit to UiTM (always di hatiku)..

On da way hiking Tangga Puncak Alam.. Get some rest..


  1. nesma...
    sorry to say but uia oredi this kind of stairs so long it's not uitm who has it first...

  2. kikikihhh.. yeke.i've never been there.dats y i xpe, UiTM ttp d hatiku..hahahaa

  3. xpe2....walopon aku xla fanatic uia..aku bangga gak la cket2