Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trouble is a Friend but Friend is not a Trouble

I am listening to Lenka song Trouble is a friend. Yes I agreed! My life..Its a long way to go and lot of paths are in front of me. I don't know which one should I follow. Left Right Straight Stop. Thats what we called as dugaan. Trouble is a Friend. But try we switch the phrase Trouble is a Friend to Friend a is Trouble. So what say you? Do you agree? Some of us might say that YES! or maybe will say definately NO! or maybe will say depends... Guys, try we think, who are we? You have a friend but who are you from your friend's view? Is it friend or opposite? Jeng jeng jeng....


run - walk
happy - sad
wet - dry
fast - slow
admit - deny
defense - attack
small - big
beautiful - ugly
best - worse
friend - enemy??

Ok enough.
Actually what I am trying to say ni...? Suka lari topik la...

Ok ok.. actually I am very proud to say that I LOVE MY FRIENDS ! haha. Friends this is not bodek baik punya since GAJI dah masuk! hahaha (we meet at Georgetown White Coffee ok, you treat me! kihkihkih). However, eventho gaji dah masuk, no boros boros anymore! Usahahahaha!

I miss my friends. Badly! Friends from school until office. Friends from study until work. Friends from I was not beautiful until now I am beautiful.. hahaha ini suka suka nak letak untuk give some compliments untuk diri sendiri.

Please spot your face thru all below pics. If your face is in, means you are my friends!! If your face does not in, means I keep you in my heart forever (cover baik punya..kikikihhh)

Classmate since Diploma UiTM Penang until Degree UiTM Shah Alam. Hidup UiTM PP!!

Again with them.
Others friends from UiTM Penang :
Khairul a.k.a Kylie
Fakhrulrazi a.k.a. Wawa Won Paris
Ikhwan Colab8
(I will update later)

My Buddy Siti Murni Miss You La Sangat Nak Pegi Lepak Padang Kota Naik Feri Buat Keje Tak Faedah Hahaha.

4 sekawan masa study kat UiTM.
Guys sekarang aku dah lupa daratan sebab maybe I will no more UiTM di hatiku but UUM la pulak hahaha.
See you UUM!! (UiTM tetap dihati)

Dengan dorang lagi ni.

Class 2003 - 2006

Ok, ini friends I met at KPTM a.k.a Officemate and Lepakmate hehehe.

Ni pun officemate jugak

Ni pun officemate jugak including 3 ladies at the back.

Ni pun officemate jugak with Datin Seri.

Ini my officemate and tudung purple merangkap I punya jiran a.k.a tempat aku bergantung harap dalam office ngeee~

Ini friends since sekolah rendah ooo..
Yang Haikal (of course la yg baju biru tu) is my friend sejak umur tak masuk lagi 5 tahun. Lama ooo..
Yang Fairus is my friend since darjah 5.

Ni geng geng melepak lepas office hours ni.

Lastly they are all my friends....


Can you see your face from above pics! Congratulation hahaha siot je (patutnya aku yang bangga dengan all of my friends because they are willing to be my friend huhuhu) For those pics not included please no heart feeling ok because some of you I didn't have your pics. But trust me, you all always in my heart. Miss you all wallaaa.....

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